Hundreds of times, we have all heard that it is important to eat healthy and exercise. We also know that we should avoid smoking and too much stress to keep healthy. However, in recent years a new risk factor for lifestyle diseases has been presented. The new risk factor is sitting still for too long.

Studies have shown that sitting still for too long is a major risk factor for many lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. The reason for this is that sitting still for too long affects the body negatively in numerous ways. One example of this is that there is no muscular activity when you do not move. This both lower your overall energy consumption and can result in a sedentary lifestyle. Both of these have downsides from a keeping healthy point of view.

Also, sitting still for too long affects something called lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in your body. LPL is a protein, which is important because it gives a “healthy push” to the blood fats and blood sugar. Simplified, one can say that when you move your body various enzyme systems are triggered. These systems contribute to break down blood fats and blood sugar – and send them into the muscles, where they are supposed to go.

But can’t some exercise in the evening make up for sitting still all day? According to recent studies it can’t. Find out way in the next blog post!