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Yoga and Meditation affect your genes

Yoga and meditation can affect how your genes are expressed. Together with other relaxing exercises, these activities seem to reverse some of the stress-related changes in the genes. Especially the genes linked to overall poor health and depression seem to be positively affected by these activities. According to a new scientific review, different mind-body exercises […]

Our lifestyle affects how our genes are expressed

Just because some diseases are common in your family, it does not mean that you too automatically will suffer from them. In recent years, more and more research has shown that your lifestyle has great impact on which information that is activated in your genes. The expression of the genes has  shown to be of […]

Why an hour of exercise can’t make up for sitting still all day

Sitting still for too long can make you sick. Alongside e.g. unhealthy food, lack of exercise, smoking and stress, sitting still for too long is also considered a risk factor for lifestyle diseases. Sitting still for to long affects the body negatively in numerous ways. You can read more about these negative effects here. Earlier, […]

Why you should not sit still for too long

Hundreds of times, we have all heard that it is important to eat healthy and exercise. We also know that we should avoid smoking and too much stress to keep healthy. However, in recent years a new risk factor for lifestyle diseases has been presented. The new risk factor is sitting still for too long.

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